Collaborare Dot Net, LLC is a software consultancy, owned by Monico Moreno, greater Austin, TX area. Monico has over 20 years experience in software development, architecture, and consulting. He does full stack web development, but his current focus is on serverless/backend development in a NodeJs context.

Public Service Announcement

PSA Date: September 17, 2018

Wanna hear about three key aspects for developing successful serverless applications?

Come join us at the ATX Serverless meetup Oct 2 at 6PM to hear from the Cloudflare Speaker series. We'll have the three great, Cloudflare speakers, food, networking, and Q&A.

...and here is a quick description of the three aspects they'll be going over...

Cloudflare Workers

First, Victoria will go over Cloudflare Workers, which help with developing and deploying serverless apps out in the field.

Strategic Routing

Preston will follow suit and discuss how to implement routing (similar to ExpressJs routing) to facilitate serverless execution.

No-Ops Mentality

Last but not least, Remy will go over deploying, with as much of a No-Ops mentality as possible--No-Ops being one of the tenets and benefits that makes serverless so attractive to develpers and tech leaders, overall.

One last note, Serverless, Inc, our meetup-fees sponsor, has recently updated their serverless framework to deploy Cloudflare Workers! Woot! Here's the tweet

Looking forward to seeing many of you there! 👍 Please find details and RSVP at the meetup page.


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