Collaborare Dot Net, LLC

Collaborare Dot Net, LLC is a software consultancy and development company. It is owned by Monico Moreno, greater Austin, TX area.

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About Me

I am a full stack web developer with over 20 years experience in software development and consulting. I have extensive experience on the MS Stack, and I am currently working on the MEAN Stack. To this end, I founded the Austin MEAN Stack Development meetup (see below) and AusMug, the Austin MEAN Stack User Group (currently, Fall 2014, in the works).


My professional resume can be downloaded in PDF Format

Job Listings

Looking for MEAN Stack opportunities (or any other dev opportunities)? Please find them here:!


Please feel free to contact me initially via email at:, and we can go from there via other methods.

Austin MEAN Stack Development

Austin MEAN Stack Development

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