Collaborare Dot Net, LLC is a software consultancy, owned by Monico Moreno, greater Austin, TX area. Monico has over 20 years experience in software engineering/development, consulting/architecture, and technical leadership.

He does front-end, back-end, as well as full stack web development, currently focused on NodeJs, web development & consulting. Need a professional with entrepreneurial passion to kickstart a new venture, project, or revamp effort? Monico has extensive experience in wearing different tech & leadership hats, while keeping focused on his expertise (again, currently NodeJs). He can stand up new dev workflow infrastructures, including CI/CD pipelines, among other things, as well as think creatively about blue sky concepts and customer-focused ideas--a la entrepreneur!

Interest piqued? Please contact me at monico_moreno@collaborare.net

Public Service Announcements

January 2021

Strapi training site officially open at:

November 2018

First ever Serverlessdays ATX Conference will take place on Friday, February 22, 2019, and yours truly is co-organizing.

Follow @atxserverless on Twitter and monitor the Serverlessdays ATX 2019 Twitter moment.

ATX Serverless

ATX Serverless FTW 🙌!


Here is the Javascript Stack Blog!


My professional resume can be downloaded in PDF Format


LinkedIn (preferred): monico1028
Email: monico_moreno@collaborare.net

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Core Hours of Operation

9 AM to 4 PM Central Time
1 lunch hour, typically noon; occasionally eat while working if pressing need.
2+ hours around core time frame, if and when necessary.
occasional work on weekends, as needed.


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